Personal Life Coaching

Coaching helps to unlock the creativity, productivity and dreams hidden within and brings them to life.

"Coaching is listening, really hearing you, and being a witness to your true self"

We explore the many areas of your life to discover what within you is craving attention, expression, and recognition. And because the unfamiliar sometimes can feel overwhelming, coaching creates a safe space to gently explore those expressions that want to have a voice in the world.

We are all complex, with places inside that we have not visited in a long time - perhaps memories from younger days or goals that were not reached. In order to protect ourselves, we sometimes close the doors on these experiences but they can hide precious treasures if they are truly opened. Candy practices positive coaching to help uncover the hidden gems that limit our dreams.

I will walk your path with you to help unlock your potential

"If you had total freedom with no limitations, what would you create?"

Imagine you still have the innocence of your childhood. What would your life be like if you had no boundaries? What would you want to explore? You do not need to know how – only have the vision for what you want. Candy walks this path with you, intuitively guiding this exploration to help you bring it forward. As you access your own wisdom, Candy helps you to take action and manifest your dreams into the world.